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Packing and Storage

What can I store?
Things like books, seasonal clothing, coats, suits, quilts, shoes, bicycles, luggage cases, CDs, DVDs, albums, outdoor equipment, or any seasonal goods, etc., are fine to be stored by us.
What can’t I stored?
Anything that is perishable, liquid, fragile, explosive, flammable, illegal, hazardous or high in value will not be accepted by us. Besides, please do not store animal, plant, or anything that possibly spread hazardous odor. For details, please refer to the “Terms of Storage”.
Is there any weight restriction on the storage cabinet?
Yes, the weight restriction is 400 kg (i.e., 880 lbs.) in maximum. If you store heavy stuff like over-weighted books and documents, the storage cabinet will be overloaded, which will indeed increase the risk of transportation. If the storage cabinet is damaged or toppled over due to the reason of overloading, we will charge the customer for the repair fees and refuse to accept the cabinet for storage. In such case, any damage caused to your belongings will not be compensated.
If I realize that I cannot store all my belongings in my storage cabinet, can I rent for an additional cabinet right away?
If you realize that your storage cabinet is not sufficient to contain all your items after you transported your items to our branch, you may rent an additional cabinet through our website. Your additional cabinet will be ready for use at the new gateway after the payment is completed. Please lock the cabinet after you finish packing, and we will store your cabinet appropriately.