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Renewal & Termination

How many kinds of payment method are available?
Customers may pay for the fees online via PayPal or visit our branches in person and pay by cash or EPS.
How can I renew my service agreement?
You may log-in to your online customer account 2 months before expiry to renew your service agreement by several simple procedure. An administration fee of $200 applies on any renewal after the expiry of service agreement. The online customer account will be declined if the corresponding service agreement is not renewed after an expiration over 1 month. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for any assistance.
How can I terminate my service agreement?
Customers may log in their online customer accounts and terminate their service agreement at least 14 days before expiry. In such case, the customers must vacant and return the storage cabinets on or before the termination date. Any uncollected items or unreturned storage cabinets will be liable for daily rental fees.
Will my prepaid fees be returned if I early terminate my service agreement?
Customers under service agreement plan must complete their contract period. No prepaid fees will be returned for early termination.
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