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Terms of Storage

  1. Customer warrants that all items stored at our Company’s storage facilities are Customer’s own property or duly authorized by the property owner to use our service.
  2. Customer shall not store any living creatures, perishable, inflammable, dangerous, illegal, stolen, valuable or fragile items, including but not limited to the following:
    • animals or any living creatures;
    • food, drinks or perishable goods;
    • fragile items;
    • valuable items, including but not limited to currency, jewellery, antique, art work or other items of high value;
    • illegal, immoral or illicit items;
    • toxic waste, corrosive, asbestos and other dangerous items;
    • chemicals, compressive gas, radiative items or biological agents;
    • inflammable items or legally regulated harmful and dangerous items;
    • guns, weapons;
    • explosive or combustible items or liquids including painting, gasoline, petrol, gunpowder, potassium nitrate, kerosene, fuel oil, washing solvent, etc.
    • items and materials with unusual odour or sound;
    • any items which may endanger personal and environmental safety in our Company’s opinion; 
    • items regulated by Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap.295).
    • For details of the components of dangerous goods, please visit the official website of the Government or the Fire Services Department.
  3. It is not advisable for Customer to store any documents containing personal information at the storage facilities.
  4. Customer shall indemnify or compensate our Company for any loss or claims arising or resulting from storage of any items listed in the “Restrictions on Storage Items” by the Customer.
  5. Customer must ensure that the stored items will not lead to any violation of government lease, deed of mutual covenant and other relevant laws or regulations governing the storage facilities and common facilities issued by relevant organizations or governmental departments. Customer must indemnify our Company for all loss and expenses arising or resulting from any such violation.
  6. Customer is responsible for the installation of a suitable lock at the storage facilities and must take out proper insurance for the stored items. Customer must bear all risks for storage of his/her/its items and our Company shall not be responsible for any liability or compensation for the loss or damage of any stored items.
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