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Mini Storage Box

  • Storage Box

    U SPACE provides you with easy one-stop door-to-door mini box storage service to storing your items. The storage box is ideal for smaller-sized and handy items and your enjoy new storage experience without leaving your home. The service fee for each box is $42 per month.

    We have offered flexible storage experience. You can easily to make reservation and pick-up your stuff via online platform or hotline. Moreover, our team will deliver your storage boxes to anywhere you want. In addition, you can enlarge or reduce your storage place based on your needs.

    Storage Box

    Box Size

    Storage Box Size

    Service Process

    The service process of U SPACE storage box is simple and easy to use. You can place the order and reserve your boxes with 3 steps. Also, you can manage your storage items anytime through online.

    Renting Service

    1.Place Order

       Place order via online or hotline
       We will confirm the order detail with you

    2.Door-to-Door Delivery

        We will deliver empty boxes to your home
        Pack your stuff

    3.Pick-up & Warehousing

        We will pick-up your boxes from home
        Transfer your boxes to warehouse
        Our warehouse is 24-hour climate-controlled



       Reserve booking via online or hotline
       We will confirm the delivery with you

    2.Door-to-Door Delivery

       We will deliver boxes to your home
       Deposit your belongings from boxes

    3.Pick-up & Warehousing

       We will pick-up your boxes from home
       Return your boxes to warehouse

    Rent online

    Storage Box

    Easy! You can rent storage boxes via U SPACE online platform or hotline.

    Mix & Match

    You can use several mini storage boxes to sort and pack your stuff for your specific needs.

    Seasonal Clothes

    Storage box is ideal for storing seasonal clothes. You can pack the clothes such as long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, scarf, beanie hat etc. in the boxes during summer. Also, you can bring back your items whenever you want. Our mini box service can easily help you to store your seasonal clothes and make more living space to you.

    Sundries & Stuffs

    Storage box is a good way for you to store your sundries and stuffs. This service allows you and your family to store your personal belongings for easy management.

    Books & Documents

    Book readers need spaces to store their books. Our door-to-door storage box is a good way for you to store the books that you don't need it all the time. Besides, storage box is ideal for you to keep your personal documents safety and systematically.


    Do you keep your childhood photos and toys? Those precious memories and commemorative items need to be kept well. You can put these treasures in U SPACE storage box and store it in our secured warehouse. We help you to keep those good memories properly.


Where is U SPACE Mini Storage Box available?

Our Mini Storage Box Hong Kong service is currently available in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and New Territories (including both residential and commercial buildings).
*Remote Area Surcharge: For Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and Hong Kong International Airport, surcharge will be applied.
*Frontier closed area and country park area are currently not available.

How U SPACE Mini Storage Box works?

It’s easy! You can just call us via hotline or place an order. We will then be in touch to confirm the order and our logistic team will arrive at your home on scheduled day to drop-off the U SPACE boxes. After that, we will security seal your storage boxes and take them to our secure warehouse.

How much does it cost?

U SPACE storage plans start at $42 per box, with minimum charge $600 for each order. For each retrieve and pick-ups, a service fee will be charged at $180 per single trip. Any tunnel tolls or parking fees incurred during delivery shall be borne by customers.

Additional Surcharge:
An additional surcharge applies to any delivery that meets any of the following criteria, including but not limited to:
1. Staircases or slopes are unavoidable in the course of delivery
2. It's necessary to change lifts at building platform during delivery
3. Remote location
4. Delivery on Sunday or public holidays
5. Overtime waiting
6. Change of transport schedule or service cancellation
7. Lost or damaged storage box

For details, please contact our customer service representatives.

How do I get my storage boxes back?
You can click access to "My Storage Place" or just call us to make appointment. Select the items that you would like to check out, then select address, preferred date, and time. You can select door-to-door delivery service or pick-up at our shops that depends on your need.

Working days: Monday – Friday.

If you want to re-schedule or cancel the appointment, please contact us at least one working day as late as 3 pm through online platform or hotline. Changes made after 3 pm before the delivery, additional charges may apply.

How quickly can I receive the empty boxes?
Normally we will contact you to schedule the delivery and confirm the delivery address upon order confirmation / deposit booking.
How long do I have to pack my boxes?
You have up to 14 days to pack your stuff after we dropped off the empty boxes. After you packed the items, you can contact us to reserve the date and time slot. Then we will transfer your boxes to our warehouse.

What sizes are U SPACE Mini Storage Boxes?
The size of U SPACE storage box is 60cm(W) x 40cm(D) x 32cm(H). Approx. 40 tees can be placed. 
Is there a weight limit per box?
To protect our staff from getting injured by moving, we suggest it must not exceed 23KG per box.
What can I store in my storage boxes?
You can store anything from clothes to books, collections, toys, and seasonal items, except:

- Living materials such as animals and plants
- Explosive substances
- Perishable items such as food and drinks
- Things that might smell over time
- Unauthorized or illegal goods

For details of the components of dangerous goods, please visit the official website of the Government or the Fire Services Department.

Can I use my own boxes?
We accept you can use your own boxes. However, we recommend you using U SPACE storage boxes to ensure consistent levels of security and quality of service.
What if I don’t know how many boxes I need?
No worries! We recommend you to order extra boxes. You can return empty boxes you don’t use when our moving team come to pick-up the packed boxes for storage. You can just pay for what you use only.
Can I visit to your storage warehouse directly if I want to take back the items by myself?
To ensure the highest standards of security, we do not allow you to access our warehouse directly. Only our trained staff is allowed to access the warehouse. If you would like to take your items, we are happy to arrange delivery and return the boxes to you.
I forgot what items are stored in the mini storage box, what can I do?

We will provide the boxes to you with unique ID and barcode. We recommend you taking pictures of the items you will be storing. You can access to "My Storage Place" to add description and photos, so you can keep track of the items you store with us.

Will U SPACE open my storage boxes?

No worries! We will never open your storage boxes unless we suspect that there are illegal, dangerous or odors items in the box. 

How’s the arrangement if there are severe weather?
We will contact you in advance if there are any changes. You may also call us at 2833 9111 if you would like to re-confirm your appointment.
What if I decide to cancel the service after you have dropped off the boxes? Any charges?
If your plan changed, just let us know and we will send our team to collect the empty boxes from you. Please note that a service cancellation fee will be charged. The cancellation fee will be charged based on the district and the quantity of boxes. For details, please contact our customer service team.
Can you deliver my boxes to a different address?
We are happy to deliver your boxes to a different address without any changing fee.
Any extra charge if I change my address?
There will not be any extra charge for address change.
What if I’m no show for my appointment?
To avoid our delivery behind schedule, we can wait for up to 30 minutes and trying to get in touch with you. If you are still no show after 30 minutes, we reserve the right to consider this delivery as cancellation and charge the applicable add-on fee per delivery. The add-on fee will be charged based on the district and the quantity of boxes. For details, please contact our customer service team. U SPACE reserves the right on final decision.
How can I pay for the Mini Storage Box service fee?
You may prepay the service fee for the whole service period or on monthly basis. We will provide the bills to you by monthly. You shall pay the bills by bank transfer or in person at U SPACE branches via cash, credit card, FPS, EPS, PayMe, Alipay and WeChat Pay.
Is there any insurance included in U SPACE Mini Box Storage service?
Insurance is not included in our Mini Box Storage Hong Kong service. You are advised to pack the items and seal the boxes properly. You may consider buying insurance on your own for the items stored if necessary.
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