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Diversified Storage

U SPACE provides diversified storage solution. Customers may store and collect their belongings in person at branches, or have their belongings transported to the other branches for retrieval, or have their belongings delivered to their homes as requested. These diversified storage solutions enable U SPACE customers to enjoy greater conveniences and flexibilities.

Types of Storage

1.Branch Visiting In Person

all you need to do is to reserve your timeslot via our 24-hours online platform in advance.

2.Door-to-Door Delivery

by using U SPACE mini storage & storage box service combo, U SPACE may deliver your storage box to your designated address at the date and time you preferred.

3.Inter-Branch Transfer

U SPACE may delivery your mini storage cabinet to any branch you want to cater for your occasional needs to retrieve your belongings in different locations.
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06 / 2019
Up to $1,800 Cash Rebate! Prepay more & enjoy more Cash Rebates!
  • 03
    06 / 2019
    An existing customer referring a friend or relative to use the mini storages of U SPACE may receive 1 month’s Extra Rental Period! The referral may also receive a $100 cash rebate in renting the mini storage immediately!
  • 05
    05 / 2019
    Customers may enjoy the following discounts by renting their storage cabinets on a prepayment basis...