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New Storage Experience

Rent Space? Deposit method?
The ball is in your court!

U SPACE leads a new storage experience, which provide you multiple deposit modes and flexible storage, fitting your living needs. You can manage and reserve your mini storage or storage box through online platform.

How to deposit?

Multiple Deposit Modes

U SPACE has provided multiple deposit modes. You can choose door-to-door service so that you can deposit your items at home, or you can also arrive our deposit points to pick or leave your items.

How much to rent?

Flexible Storage

U SPACE has offered flexible storage. You can adjust storage place based on needs. Different from traditional mini storage industry, you can deposit all mini storages or storage boxes in one deposit point.

Anytime, Anywhere

Self-Service Online Platform

U SPACE has provided self-service online platform. You can use your mobile manage and reserve your mini storage or storage box. In addition, you can purchase different products through online.

New Service
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Our Service

U SPACE provides different storage services in Hong Kong to suit your various needs and lifestyles. Our mobile mini storage unit and mobile storage box services have allowed you to choose your suitable deposit method. Whatever one stop door-to-door delivery or pick up at deposit point, you can pick and pack your items easily by making an advance booking.

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U SPACE New Service

Multiple Deposit Modes

We understand that you have different preferences and lifestyles. Therefore, we provide multiple options for deposit, which are door-to-door delivery service or in-store service.

You can pack and pick your items at home, or you can visit our dedicated deposit points which located in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island & New Territories to pick and pack by yourself.


Deposit method?
The ball is in your court!

Door-to-Door Delivery

You can choose our door-to-door service to pack your items at home easily. Our professional logistic team will deliver your storage box to your home or our warehouse.

Arrive Deposit Point

You can arrive to our stores to enjoy new deposit service. We can deliver your storage box or mini storage to different deposit points.


Flexible Storage

In order to fit your life changes and needs, we have provided a flexible storage experience to you. You can increase or decrease your storage space anytime according to your personal needs. Different from traditional self storage, you can transfer your mini storages or mini storage boxes to the same designated deposit point in advance for one-time deposit, which is no longer restricted by region, saving time and convenience.

Save Money

Self-Service Online Platform

You can easily make a reservation to deposit and manage your mini storages or boxes at anytime through our Self-Service Online Platform by using a smartphone or computer. You can also purchase any products instantly through our online platform to adjust your storage space.

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06 / 2021
New customers can enjoy special rental fee with just $381 per month for self-storage service!
Understand U SPACE
U SPACE is an affiliated company of “Apple Storage”, and is the first mini storage/ self storage Hong Kong service provider adopting the concept of “Mobile Storage” and “24 hours online self-service”. Through this new storage concept, U SPACE aims at providing flexible and affordable storage solutions to meet the needs of customers.

U SPACE has years of experiences in operating mini storage in Hong Kong. Our team is confident to provide a modern and delicate mini storage service.

Different with traditional mini storage companies, U SPACE adopt a centralized warehouse to store the storage cabinets, which provides high privacy, safety and flexibility self storage spaces to our customers.

User Guide
Step1:you can rent storage cabinet, make reservation, and review contract via our24 hours online system “My Account”.
Step2:after receiving your instructions, U SPACE will send your storage cabinets to the reserved branch. (by using mini storage & storage box service combo#1, U SPACE may deliver your storage box to your designated address. #2)
Step3:after you finish storage or retrieval, U SPACE will send your storage cabinet back to the central warehouse where only employees are permitted to enter and exit.

#1Because the Storage Boxes will be stored in the mini storage unit. A customer must purchase at least 1 Storage Box upon subscription of the door-to-door service.
#2U SPACE is providing delivery service to items other than Storage Boxes.

Advantages of U SPACE
Flexible and Autonomous
When you rent our storage cabinets in any of our branch, those cabinets can be transported to your preferred branch upon your request, which indeed saves your precious time. Customers may flexibly select their preferred location to store or collect their items, thus avoiding the needs to search for new self storage spaces due to the relocation of their residence or working areas, or using storage spaces in the locations beyond their residential areas.

24 hours Self-service Management
Time is precious when you are living in a fast-paced society like Hong Kong. To save time and make things efficient, customers can manage their account details via our 24 hours online service system. Our online system allows customers to make reservation and review their storage contract with U SPACE when needed.

Safe and affordable
Your privacy matters the most to us. Our central storage warehouses are not open to public visit. Only customers with our U SPACE smartcards are permitted to enter the storage facilities.

Diversified Storage Solutions
U SPACE provides diversified mini storage HK solutions. U SPACE offers storage cabinets in 3 dimensions (i.e., 6 square feet, 8 square feet and 12 square feet in area) for you to free up additional private spaces in your home. The diversified storage solutions enable U SPACE customers to enjoy greater conveniences and flexibilities.

Types of Storage:
1. Branch Visiting In Person
all you need to do is to reserve your timeslot via our 24 hours online platform “My Account” in advance, then you can visit our branch to store or collect items in person.

2. Door-to-Door Mini Storage Delivery
by using U SPACE mini storage & storage box service combo, U SPACE may deliver your storage box to your designated address at the date and time you preferred.

3. Inter-Branch Transfer
U SPACE may delivery your mini storage cabinet to any branch you want to cater for your occasional needs to retrieve your belongings in different locations.