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May I use the Storage Box independently?
No, a customer has to rent a mini storage unit before subscribing for the Storage Box Service, as the Storage Boxes will be stored in the mini storage unit. A customer must purchase at least 1 Storage Box upon subscription of the service. Each Storage Box is priced at $100 (with 2 plastic seals provided).
How many Storage Boxes can be stored in an U SPACE mini storage unit?
U SPACE offer mini storage units in 3 sizes, i.e., 6, 8 & 12 square feet respectively, and they are capable of storing the following no. of Storage Boxes:

6 square feet: 6 Storage Boxes (suggested)
8 square feet: 10 Storage Boxes (suggested)
12 square feet: 15 Storage Boxes (suggested)

How much is the delivery charge for the Storage Box Service?

After purchasing the Storage Boxes, delivery charge is $25 per Storage Box. The minimum charge for each delivery is $100 per trip, and the maximum capacity is 20 Storage Boxes per delivery. Moreover, the tunnel tolls and parking fees incurred during delivery (if any) shall be borne by customers.

Under the following circumstances, a surcharge will be levied by U SPACE upon customers:

(1) staircases or slopes are unavoidable in the course of delivery

(2) it is necessary to change lifts at building platform during delivery

For details, please contact U SPACE customer service representatives.

Do I need to pay for the returning trip for my Storage Boxes after delivery to my home?
Yes, the delivery charge is applicable to each trip independently. For each delivery, U SPACE staff shall wait for 30 minutes for customers to store and retrieve their belongings. Should the customers complete the storing within 30 minutes, they may enjoy a 50% discount on the delivery charge for returning trip (minimum charge is $50 for each returning trip). Customers must inform U SPACE on the arrangement of the returning trip when they order their deliveries in order to enjoy the aforesaid offer.
Shall I lock up my mini storage unit if I use the U SPACE Storage Box delivery service?
You shall provide a key for the padlock of your mini storage unit to U SPACE, or you may use a padlock with password and provide the password to U SPACE. You shall also seal up your Storage Boxes with our plastic seals.
Is there a limit on the loading of the Storage Box?
The maximum loading for each Storage Box is 23kg.
What is the delivery time for the Storage Box?
The Storage Box delivery service is available between 11:00 and 19:00 from Monday to Saturday (excluding Public Holidays). There are 4 service timeslots daily for you to choose from (11:00 to 13:00, 13:00 to 15:00, 15:00 to 17:00 and 17:00 to 19:00). Customers shall reserve their service timeslots at least 1 working day in advance before 17:00 daily (reservations after 17:00 will be processed in the next working day).
Where does the U SPACE Storage Box delivery service cover?
U SPACE Storage Box delivery service covers almost the entire districts in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories (including both residential and commercial buildings). Separate quotations are needed for delivery to Tung Chung District. The following districts are currently not covered: The Outlying Islands (including Ma Wan and Discovery Bay), border areas, country park areas, the Hong Kong International Airport
How can I pay for the charges of the Storage Box delivery service?
The Storage Box delivery service will be charged on a monthly basis. Every month U SPACE will provide bills to customers. Customers may pay the bills in person at U SPACE branches or by bank transfer.
Other than the Storage Boxes, may U SPACE deliver other items in my mini storage unit also? I am willing to pay for any extra service fee.
Sorry that for now U SPACE is providing delivery service to items other than Storage Boxes. Customers may store and retrieve their belongings at U SPACE branches in person.
Is there any insurance coverage included in U SPACE Storage Box delivery service?
The U SPACE Storage Box delivery service does not include insurance coverage. Customers are advised to seal their Storage Boxes properly. Customers may consider purchasing insurances on their own for the items if necessary.
What kind of service does U Space provide?
U SPACE provides a new concept in the mini-storage service. When you rent our mobile cabinets in any of our branch, those cabinets can be transported to your preferred branch upon your request, which indeed saves your precious time.
What are the differences between mobile storage cabinets and ordinary mini-storages?
By storing the storage cabinets in a centralized warehouse, U SPACE provides a flexible and affordable storage solution to our customers. Customers may flexibly adjust the number of cabinets needed to avoid using over-sized mini-storage spaces. Also, customers may select their preferred location to store or collect their items, thus avoiding the needs to search for new mini-storage spaces due to the relocation of their residence or working areas, or using storage spaces in the locations beyond their residential areas.
Which districts do U Space cover?

The Flagship Store of U Space was opened in June 2018 at Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong.  Chai Wan branch (located in Chai Wan Centre Industrial Building) and Lai Chi Kok branch (located in Great Wall Factory Building) are opened already.  We are currently arranging branches in different districts throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Kindly refer to our website for further announcements of upcoming branch locations.

What are your business hours?
Our branches will open 24/7 throughout the year for you to access or store your belongings.

For branch visiting and customer account application, please visit our branch in person between 10:30am and 7:30pm on Mondays to Fridays or between 10:30am and 5:30pm on Saturdays.
For inquiries, please call our Customer Service Hotline (Tel.: 2833-9111) within business hours, or e-mail to We will reply you as soon as possible.
May I access or store my belongings in your branch at any time I want?
For collecting or storing your items, please make a simple online reservation via your online customer account in advance. We will arrange your storage cabinets to your reserved branch on the designated date as you instructed.
Can I access or store my belongings at any place I want?
Yes! What you need to do is to make an online reservation in advance to choose the branch, date and time you prefer, and then we will arrange your storage cabinets to the reserved branch as you instructed.
Can the reserved date of accessing be changed or cancelled?
For new customers, you must complete the customer account application before packing your items into the storage cabinets, and you may reserve the date of initial storing with our customer service representative during customer account application. If you had already made a reservation and wish to postpone the date of accessing, please log in to your online customer account to revise your reservation details before 5:00pm on at least one working day in advance. If you wish to access the storage cabinets earlier than the reserved date, you must revise the reservation details before 5:00pm on at least one working day in advance of the original reserved date.
Can the quantities of the items purchased on the website be changed after the payment is completed?
Please log in the online customer account again for further purchasing. The items are also available at our branches. All items are not returnable and refundable after payment.
Are my storage cabinets safe? Will U SPACE open my storage cabinets?
We will always respect your privacy! We advise our customers to lock their storage cabinets after they had stored their items inside. In normal circumstances, we will never check on your belongings in the storage cabinets. In extreme cases, such as that it is likely to have dangerous goods, illegal items, odor spreading items, or be requested legitimately by related government departments, then we will open your storage cabinets, and we will endeavor to inform you as early as possible on such arrangement before opening. For the terms and conditions, please refer to the Service Agreement.
What can I do if I cannot log in to the online or forget my log in password?
If you have any difficulty in managing your online customer account, kindly contact us at 2833-9111 within business hours or email to beyond business hours. Our customer representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.
Is it safe to pay with my credit card via your website? Will my credit card information be leaked to the third parties?
We are using PayPal as our electronic payment processing platform. As all payments will go to PayPal directly, we will not save or record any of your credit card information.
How can I check out the things I stored?
When you pack your items into the storage cabinets, you may take a picture and upload it with your descriptions onto your online customer account. Afterward when you log in your online customer account, you may check out the belongings you stored easily.
How can I update my contact information?
After you logged in to our online customer account, you may revise your personal particulars as well as the first / second contact person information in the part “Account Management”