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About Us

U SPACE is a affiliated company of “Apple Storage”, and is the first service provider adopting the “Mobile Storage” concept in Hong Kong.  Through this new storage concept, U SPACE aims at providing flexible and affordable storage solutions to meet the needs of customers.

U SPACE have years of experiences in operating self-storage services.  Our team is confident to provide a modern and delicate mobile storage service to our customers.  

The advantages of U SPACE’s Mobile Storage Solutions include but not limited to :

  • Safe and affordable: Your privacy matters the most to us.  Our storage warehouses are not open to public visit.  Only customers with our U SPACE smartcards are permitted to enter the storage facilities.
  • Flexible and Autonomous:  We offer high flexibility storage service for customers to customize the service with their contemporary needs of rental storage from time to time.
  • Self-service Management:  Time is precious when you are living in a fast-paced society like Hong Kong.  To save times and make things efficient, customers can manage their account details via our online service system.  Our online system allows customers to make reservation and review their storage contract with U SPACE when needed.

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